Performance Parts™

prescription crane parts
Performance Parts™ from Crane Pro Parts are custom-engineered crane parts designed to meet or surpass the OEM requirements as originally supplied with your crane. Marketed through P&H® for over twenty years, the Performance approach to parts incorporates knowledge gained from over 130 years in the crane industry, and proven engineered designs and manufacturing processes for a wide range of applications and crane brands.

performance crane parts

Typical improvements include changes to the material, design and/or manufacturing process that can improve performance and the overall life span of the Performance crane part. These enhancements may also be applied to the entire assembly, enabling the crane to run more efficiently while extending the life of the crane.

Complementing the broad array of services and products available through Konecranes, Performance Crane Parts solutions can be found for many chronic crane conditions. Rather than focusing on a single part, we consider the entire crane, and how the improved part impacts its related components. We provide an integrated state-of-the-art design, utilizing:

  • Design improvements
  • Material improvements
  • Manufacturing process improvements
  • Analysis of an assembly versus a single part
  • Increased life span of the part
  • On-site Engineering / Analysis

Prescription® Wheels and Assemblies – can address excessive bridge binding or crane skew, and uneven wheel wear.

BEFORE: Click on this video to see and hear how a skewed bridge crane with standard wheels can damage the crane and rail

skewed bridge crane with standard wheels

AFTER: Click on this video to see and hear how Prescription wheels can correct for crane skew, quietly guiding the crane down the runway

prescription wheels on a crane

Performance Gears and Assemblies – can address issues with vintage, two-piece pinion gears on shafts with unknown and unseen cumulative stresses that can potentially lead to catastrophic failure.

Performance Motors – can address issues with short service life of motors due to high utilization and tough environments.



  • Wheels
  • Motors
  • Gears
  • Shafts
  • Hooks
  • Bottom Blocks
  • DBTM Power Limit Switches
  • Mill-Duty Contactors
  • Drop-In Shafts
  • Drums


We can apply the performance process to any crane - whether it’s for a Konecranes family brand or a crane built by any other manufacturer. We apply the same performance techniques: improved design, materials, and manufacturing processes along with considerations for complete assemblies and overall crane operation. Your new custom engineered Performance Parts will surpass the design requirements of the OEM, extending the wear life of the parts, as well as the crane.

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