Other Konecranes Brands

Under the corporate ownership of Konecranes, we are the only Original Equipment Manufacturer and master distributer for the following 40+ crane brands: 

Crane Pro Parts OEM Brands

  • BCH Crane™
  • Birmingham Crane™
  • Browning™
  • Burlington Engineering Crane and Hoist™
  • Cleveland®
  • Crane CMH Carolina Material Handling™
  • CPH Material Handling™
  • CraneMann™
  • Crane Manufacturing & Service (CMS)™
  • Dominion®
  • Dwight Foote™
  • EPH Material Handling™
  • Euclid™
  • F. T. Crowe & Company™
  • Hevi-Lift®
  • HPH Material Handling™
  • Konecranes®
  • Kaverit®
  • Kranco™
  • Landel™
  • Lypta™
  • Midwest Crane & Hoists
  • Morris Material Handling®
  • Moffett™
  • MPH Crane™
  • Munck Canada Ltd.™
  • Northern™
  • NPH Material Handling™
  • Orley Meyer®
  • Overhead Crane Ltd.™
  • Provincial™
  • Shepard Niles®
  • SPH Crane™
  • Stewart™
  • Stewart Wattley™
  • SEE CO™
  • Stewart Engineering and Equipment Co.™
  • Victor Browning™
  • WPH™


No matter what parts you need, or what brand you own, we have the resources and expertise to get your crane running again, fast. You also have peace of mind, knowing that your OEM Konecrane parts purchase is backed by one of the world’s largest crane suppliers.  One number - 1-800-727-8774 puts you in touch with our five Crane Pro Parts depots in North America, with an expert parts sourcing team waiting to serve you at each location. 

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