Hot Metal Hoists

Hoist motors rated at 60 minutes Multiple disc mechanical load brake Forced air cooled motor brakes Two stage heat treated planetary gearing

Shepard Niles Hoist

Leading foundries prefer the Shepard Niles hot metal hoist. Developed using decades of experience in severe service environments, our hot metal foundry carriers are custom-built to meet each customer’s exact requirements.

Hot Metal Foundry Carriers

Our custom two-stage heat-treated planetary gearing allows loads to be divided among three gears which extends bearing life and hoist dependability. Our motor brakes are forced air-cooled to allow superior heat dissipation. The external adjustability of these brakes minimizes maintenance downtime. Our multiple disc mechanical load brake allows more load control and has the largest brake surface and lowest PSI in the industry allowing for longer brake life. All our hoist motors are rated at 60 minutes. This allows for more starts per hour while extending the operating life and reducing maintenance costs.

These are just a few of the features that help Crane Pro Parts deliver unsurpassed performance and a longer running life, along with unmatched production flexibility.

Look to Crane Pro Parts for the best hot metal hoists value around, built right here in the USA.

Hot metal hoists for foundry application
“We at Overhead Material Handling, Inc. are a small crane manufacturer in the Milwaukee area. We supply and manufacture various types and styles of cranes. These cranes range from simple monorail hoists for machine shop applications to very complex metal delivery systems used in foundries in the Wisconsin area. When we require a heavy-duty, trouble-free hoist unit for hot metal service, we use Shepard Niles products for this application. There is no other hoist on the market that compares to the reliability and service of a Shepard Niles hoist.”

- Jeff Morden
Overhead Material Handling, Inc.
Oak Creek, WI

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