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Crane Pro Parts is your source for over 40 brands of OEM replacement crane gearboxes – more than any other lifting manufacturer. Because we archive the original drawings for all of the brands we own, we can provide replacement crane gearboxes that are identical to the original, guaranteed to fit and wear as originally intended.

OEM replacement gearbox If you own a crane whose manufacturer has gone out of business, no problem. If you are unable to obtain an OEM gearbox for your crane, our Reverse Engineering Process (REP) may be the answer. Through REP, virtually any obsolete, hard-to-find or first-time OEM replacement crane gearbox can be manufactured at or above the original specs and at the high quality level the industry has come to expect from Crane Pro Parts and its parent company, Konecranes.

Replacement Crane Gearboxes

If you prefer to upgrade your equipment, we manufacture spur, helical planetary or bevel gear reducers, in the widest possible range of configurations. Each model can be ordered with a cast iron or stress-relieved, fabricated steel housing. Gearboxes are fully sealed with gears operating in an oil bath; with external oil level indicators and an available auxiliary lubrication pump for severe-duty applications. Cooling fans can be added to increase thermal capacity if needed. We also offer a “split differential input” feature, allowing dual power sources for critical process operations where downtime is unacceptable. Gearboxes designed with this feature will continue to drive the crane a half-speed, in emergency mode if one power source fails.

crane gearbox replacement Our extensive range ensures a custom fit for every industry application, and ensures that each customer’s special needs are met. No matter what specifications you are looking for in an OEM replacement crane gearbox, rest assured that Crane Pro Parts can supply the very best solution for your application.

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