Crane Electrification

Ferral® Heavy-duty crane electrification can help your high-amperage, AC or DC-powered crane achieve years of additional productivity.

Durable, easy-to-install Ferral® heavy conductor bar is available in sizes up to 6,000 amps. Top-quality aluminum extrusion with inset carbon steel T-bar construction is designed for long-term maintenance-free performance on the largest steel mill cranes. Its high hardness rating means that under normal use, Ferral® heavy conductor bar could last for a decade or more. Inexpensive top-running collector shoes are the only wear item: quick and easy to change, they reduce both rail wear and service downtime.

As OEM for Ferral® conductor bars, Crane Pro Parts has all of the information on how to update the electrical system on any older AC or DC-powered, steel mill crane.

Ferral conductor barFeatures that assure maintenance-free performance and fast installation:

  • Steel wearing surface. T-bar blast-cleaned for smoothness before assembly.
  • High current capacities - 800 to 5000 amperes. Larger sizes available.
  • Low voltage drop - eliminates need for booster lines in most instances.
  • Light weight - reduces weight of supporting equipment.
  • Rigid in all directions against differential expansion.
  • Spans long distances with fewer supports.
  • Low friction sliding supports with double insulators eliminate need for expansion joints, prevent rotation and binding on bars. This design also eliminates insulator breakage.
  • Solid splices provide excellent structural and electrical joints.
  • No shunts required across splices.
  • Corrosion resistant - juncture between steel and aluminum is sealed.
  • Fast, low-cost erection - quickly installed.
  • Ordinary iron gravity collector shoes can be used.
  • Design provides arc suppression between iron collector and rail.
  • Ferral® conductor bar can be used for AC or DC power requirements.

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