FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) regarding the transition of the Konecranes, Inc., overhead  crane parts businesses into one point of contact.

Q:  Are you an overhead crane parts customer of?

  • Crane Pro Parts™ (Konecranes, Inc.) for Konecranes® and many other brands
  • Crane Manufacturing and Service for Konecranes® and many other brands
  • Shepard Niles™ for Shepard Niles™ brand
  • Morris Material Handling, Inc. for Morris Material Handling™, P&H® and assoc. brands

A:  If so, all of the parts and crane brands in the Konecranes family are now available from one organization, and its trade name is Crane Pro Parts™, your single source for all brands of crane parts.

Q:  Whom do I contact for customer service and technical support?
A:  Contact Crane Pro Parts, using your current phone/fax number or e-mail, or you can also use 800-727-8774, until you are contacted by a Crane Pro Parts customer service or sales representative.

Q:  Does my sales contact change with the transition?
A:  It is possible that your customer service representative will change.  We have aligned our customer service and sales people to broaden our parts offering to you, as well as improve our focus on your needs.

Q:  Does this affect the way in which I pay my crane parts invoices?
A:  No, if you are a current customer of Konecranes, Inc., Crane Pro Parts, Crane Manufacturing & Service or Shepard Niles.

A:  Yes, if you are a current parts customer of Morris Material Handling, Inc.  As of January 3rd, new purchase orders should be made out to Konecranes, Inc. d.b.a. Crane Pro Parts.  Also, the remit to and company addresses are different.

The new remit to address is:
Crane Pro Parts
11420 W Theo Trecker Way
West Allis, WI 53214

The new parts group headquarters address is:
Crane Pro Parts
11420 W Theo Trecker Way
West Allis, WI 53214
Fax: 262-785-4441

Q:  Does anything change if I am buying my parts from a Konecranes service branch?
A:  No. Please continue working with the service folks. Crane Pro Parts works in-concert with the service group, providing parts through them, to you.

Q:  If I buy parts from Crane Pro Parts, will I still have the opportunity to be referred to Konecranes crane services if needed or recommended?
A:  Yes, you'll still receive the same outstanding service from our team of technicians.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to send us an email.

Thanks for your business!

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