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Euclid Stacker Cranes

The Euclid Crane & Hoist Co., founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1909, became known for building innovative, heavy-duty lifting equipment. Euclid competed with Cleveland Crane, Northern and P & H, building overhead, gantry and stacker cranes for shipyards, steel mills, power plants, assembly lines and pulp & paper mills. Euclid’s stacker crane, essentially a forklift mounted on a crane, was one of the first pre-computerized ASRS designs in wide use by the automotive industry. It could raise and lower easily, rotate, and be programmed to retrieve items kept in long aisles of racks and bins.

Euclid Power Plant Cranes

Euclid was also known for power plant cranes. Beefy Euclid cranes employing gate hoists to control water flow were key elements in hydro power generation. Euclid’s groundbreaking gearbox design, which incorporated a mechanical load brake, was the impetus behind the eventual purchase and assimilation of Euclid Crane & Hoist by Kranco Crane Services Inc. in the 1970’s, which later became part of Konecranes.    

Euclid Hoist & Crane Part Inventory

Today, Euclid’s remarkable purpose-built technologies live on in many Euclid cranes still in use.  And Crane Pro Parts is your best source of OEM Euclid hoist and crane parts and components to keep your Euclid equipment operating in top condition. We guarantee first-quality Euclid crane parts that meet or exceed the original as-built specifications. A full line of replacement parts and assemblies are available for your Euclid crane, many in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours.  

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