Drive Shafts

replacement drive shaft

We stock motor and drive shafts for all brands of lifting equipment, and if the shaft you need is not in stock, it can be easily made to order when you supply details about the requirements of your crane.  The correct shaft for your motor will ensure precise bearing fit and maintain the overall shaft strength and integrity. 

Because we know that precision surface finishes reduce fatigue problems over time, Crane Pro Parts manufactures drive train shafts and gearbox shafts that exhibit the high quality and precision surface finish of an OEM part.  The shaft you order can be made of pre-treated steel or may be heat-treated (carburized) after machining for extended life.  Whether your crane requires surface hardening or through-hardened parts, Crane Pro Parts can supply the shaft you need quickly, made with the care and quality assurance you would expect from your OEM.

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