Double Girder Overhead Crane Parts

double girder overhead crane parts

double girder overhead crane

Double girder overhead cranes span a wide range of applications and service classes, from 24/7 use in general manufacturing to standby maintenance for annual shutdowns. Their range of use is exceeded only by the wide variety of parts that you may need to replace. Crane Pro Parts provides double girder overhead crane parts for cranes matching all CMAA duty classes from Class A to Class F, and capacity ranges from five to 500 tons. 

Double Girder Crane Parts

Double girder overhead cranes sometimes fall into the category of “process” cranes, integral to the customer’s production process. For these high-stakes cranes, Crane Pro Parts provides OEM process crane parts or reverse-engineered crane-duty gears, gearboxes, wheels, bearings, sheaves, shafts and motors. We also provide a full range of electrical components, including:

  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Replacement Pushbuttons and Radio Controls
  • Joysticks
  • Load Brakes
  • Festoon Components
  • Conductor Bar

Our parent company Konecranes is the world’s largest manufacturer of process cranes, with expertise unmatched by any other crane manufacturer. Through Crane Pro Parts, you can access Konecranes’ complete portfolio of proven lifting solutions to maximize performance from any make or model of overhead crane your company owns. 

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