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Crane Pro Parts stocks crane-duty wound-rotor and Magnetorque™ motors for all crane motions, on any make or model of overhead crane. Crane Pro Parts owns the OEM drawings and manufacturing process details for over 40 crane brands, going back more than 100 years. If you need a new OEM crane motor or need a crane motor rewind, we can help.

Crane Motor Rewinds

CRANE PRO PARTS REBUILT CRANE MOTORS:  Performing like new at a fraction of the cost.

Crane Pro Parts is the industry leader in motor rewinding/rebuilding. Here are just a few of the competitive advantages offered by our in-house motor design and manufacturing capabilities:

• Proprietary Wire - Heavy gauge fiberglass over enamel wire for improved varnish retention to withstand mechanical forces and provide higher heat resistance.
• High Efficiency Design - OE diamond shaped coils offer more efficient end turns than standard round-end turns (mush wound).
• Maximum Durability - Class H insulation increases temperature tolerances.
• Core Loss Testing – Measures and eliminates core losses that lead to motor and higher operating temperatures.
• Craftsmanship - Rotor connectors are copper banded, TIG welded, taped and covered for optimal heat resistance.
• Quality Processes - Rotors and stators are dipped multiple times without solvent according to OE specs, including VPI for larger frame sizes.

Custom Engineered Motors

performance crane motorPERFORMANCE™ Motors – can address issues with short service life of OEM crane motors due to high utilization and tough environments. Crane Pro Parts is your best source for rewinding and rebuilding any brand of crane motor to original equipment specifications.

What customers are saying about Crane Pro Parts rebuilt crane motors:

“We use our cranes in continuous cycles of operation in an environment that exposes them to high heat along with an airborne particulate matter. The motors become stressed and need to be replaced often.

“With the economy being down, we were looking to cut costs and made the decision to accept a lower price from a local rewind shop when we needed to replace the worn motors. Let's just say that you get what you pay for!

“After struggling with poor performance and reduced life span of the local shop's rewound motors, we have returned to Crane Pro Parts. Our Crane Pro Parts rewound P&H® motors have lasted 5 times longer than the motors we got from the local rewind shop. The story doesn't end there: after analyzing our crane productivity, Crane Pro Parts recommended and designed higher horsepower motors to improve the duty cycle well beyond the original motors. That reduced our downtime and increased our crane productivity to levels beyond what they ever have been.”

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