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Times are tough. We’re all trying to get the most mileage possible out of our equipment. While it may be time for a new crane or hoist, the reality is that budgets might not allow the purchase of new equipment. There is an alternative: efficiently and cost-effectively modernize your cranes.

We have the expertise to retrofit hoists - no matter the make or model - updating them to run more efficiently and at lower cost.

When cranes fail to meet your requirements, productivity suffers. Modernizing key components of your crane can be an economical way to restore your older equipment to peak performance.


Our staff of parts modernization experts works with all brands of cranes, following a four-step process:

  • Analyze the requirements for modification of your crane’s components, based upon current usage.
  • Develop a modernization plan.
  • Detail the necessary materials.
  • Manufacture the required replacement parts, which we can install through our network of Konecranes Service branches.


  1. IMPROVE PERFORMANCE - Our parts modernization program can help increase productivity, improve efficiency and reduce downtime.
  2. INCREASE RELIABILITY AND REDUCE MAINTENANCE - Through parts modernization, we replace high-maintenance and/or obsolete components with new parts manufactured to today’s tolerances and standards of performance.
  3. INCREASE SAFETY - Older parts can be unreliable and are prone to failure, which can lead to injury or damage. Parts modernization enhances safety by replacing these parts with reliable new components.


Beyond the scope of a Parts or Component Modernization, you might be in need of a Crane Modernization or Upgrade.  Crane upgrades involve increasing the lifting capacity, speed or span of the crane.  If this sounds like the direction you are looking to go with your crane or hoist, please visit Konecranes USA: Crane Modernization or contact your local Konecranes service branch for more information.

Don't worry, you can contact either group and if your request falls under the other group's focus, we will make sure they receive you request and contact you shortly thereafter to discuss your needs in further detail.

View our Component Modernization Brochure.

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