Crane Gears

replacement crane gears

There’s a simple test of gear quality that anyone can perform. Just listen. Crane gears that run quietly are precision gears with excellent toothform, operating silently in straight, parallel bores. These are gears that will last the lifetime of your equipment.

Replacement Gear Products

Crane Pro Parts is a crane gear supplier of products designed for the rugged use and abuse experienced in crane operation, utilizing advanced metallurgical specifications, tooth design, and heat treatment options. They are hard, silent, longwearing and ready to go to work with no initial “breaking in” period. Large tooth profiles and tough core properties increase the safety factor against breakage while resisting the high shock loads common in crane applications.  We manufacture OEM gears up to 48” diameter, and up to AGMA 14 quality.  We build crane gears and pinions in helical, crowned, and spur configurations. Quality is assured via our computer-controlled system that measures all critical aspects and logs them for customer viewing.   

If you’ve purchased “will-fit” replacement crane gears in the past and experienced premature gear failure, you should know that longer life and top performance make genuine OEM crane gears or Crane Pro Parts’ Performance gears based on original OEM specifications a better value. 

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