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Crane Pro Parts supplies all types of friction brake parts, including disk brake, shoe brake and load brake parts and assemblies for all cranes.  We stock the typical wear items such as brake pads, wear disks and pivot pins, many of which are on the shelf and ready to ship the same day we receive your order. 

Friction Brake Replacement Wear Parts

It is critically important that replacement wear parts for all overhead crane brakes are made of the correct friction material specified by your crane’s manufacturer.  At Crane Pro Parts, we only supply materials as specified by the OEM to ensure safe operation and safeguard performance and productivity.

Remember, only the OEM has a complete history of your overhead crane brake’s design and how it was engineered. Konecranes has archived all of the technology of the companies it has acquired, so the specifications you need are still available.

There are thousands of friction material formulations. This is why you should only buy replacement friction brake parts from the original source that owns the drawings and material specifications. Buy only the correct one for your current brake, not a "will fit" substitution. Reaction disks or wear plates that oppose friction disks or pads can also be made from many different materials. Make sure you get the correct material. Thinking of trying a substitute? Ask yourself if a "will fit" will hold the load?

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