Crane Assemblies

crane assemblies

Our experienced parts application engineers have online access to over 130 years of detailed engineering files and drawings. After analyzing your problem, kits or assemblies are often suggested, making for a faster and safer installation, often at a lower total cost. The benefit of purchasing an assembly versus a single part is the assurance that fit and function will be consistent. As a result, the overall lifespan of not only the parts, but the crane and hoist may be extended.


crane assembly Crane Pro Parts can apply the PERFORMANCE™ process to any brand of crane, and to any problem area. Rather than focusing on a single part, we consider the entire crane and how each part impacts its related components. By replacing key assemblies with upgraded new components and performance crane assemblies, Crane Pro Parts can cure chronic crane conditions and improve the overall operation of your crane in a major way.

PRESCRIPTION® Crane Wheels and Assemblies

Crane Pro Parts prescription crane wheel assemblies offer lower acquisition cost with the peace of mind that comes from expert assembly in factory-controlled conditions.  They also reduce installation time in your facility, and promote longer wheel and rail life. 

PERFORMANCE™ Gears and Assemblies

Our crane gear assemblies can address issues with vintage, two-piece pinion gears on shafts with unknown and unseen cumulative stresses that can potentially lead to catastrophic failure.  Replacing the entire assembly with a one-piece pinion shaft enables the crane to run more efficiently with reduced maintenance downtime, while extending the life of the crane. 

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