Competitor's Brands

Do you have a facility full of cranes from different manufacturers? Is locating replacement crane parts for all these different brands becoming a major headache? No matter what name is on your crane, you can save time and money by ordering custom OEM replacement parts from Crane Pro Parts. Make just one call, to one helpful, knowledgeable crane part expert, for all of your crane parts requirements. 

Custom OEM Replacement Crane Parts

We now stock high-quality Crane Pro replacement parts for all the major crane brands. They are often better than original equipment in terms of value, delivery, engineering and warranty, giving our customers the best possible solution for the money. Crane Pro Parts has access to many original equipment manufacturers' drawings, allowing us to fabricate custom OEM replacement crane parts for equipment no longer manufactured.

We also supply OEM parts, often with faster turnaround and better prices than you’ll find elsewhere. With thousands of in-stock parts that we carry every day and five locations nationwide, Crane Pro Parts is your only true single source of replacement parts for any make or model of overhead crane, plus service that is fast, knowledgeable and overnight. Call us today, and let us prove that Crane Pro Parts is your best crane parts value.

Crane and Hoist Brands

Crane Pro Parts is a world-leading supplier of OEM replacement crane parts, as we also supply crane and hoist parts for all other makes and models, including:

  • Abell-Howe
  • Abus®
  • Acco®
  • Ace
  • Alliance
  • American Crane & Equipment
  • Andritz®
  • Budgit®
  • Chester
  • Cleveland Tramrail®
  • CM
  • Coffing®
  • ColumbusMcKinnon
  • Conco®
  • Crane America®
  • CraneMart™
  • Dearborn™
  • Demag®
  • Deshazo®
  • Detroit Hoists & Cranes
  • Dresser®
  • Ederer
  • Foley Material Handling
  • Gaffey
  • Gorbel®
  • Harrington Hoists®
  • Illinois Crane
  • Ingersoll-Rand®
  • Larco
  • Lift-Tech™
  • Milwaukee Crane
  • Mondel
  • Morgan Alliance
  • Morgan Engineering
  • Morgan Material Handling
  • North American Industries
  • Progressive®
  • Reading
  • Superior
  • TC/American Monorail®
  • Uesco
  • Virginia Crane®
  • Whiting®
  • Wright
  • Yale®
  • Zenar®
  • And more...

No matter what name is on your crane, or what parts you need, we have the resources and expertise to get your crane running again, fast. You also have peace of mind, knowing that your crane parts purchase is backed by one of the world’s largest crane suppliers. One number - 1-800-727-8774 puts you in touch with our five Crane Pro Parts depots in North America, with an expert parts sourcing team waiting to serve you at each location. 

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