CMS Crane Replacement Parts

cms crane partsFor nearly 50 years, Crane Manufacturing & Service (CMS) has provided engineered overhead crane solutions for severe duty industrial applications, with a strong presence in primary metals, utilities and refuse-to-energy. Today, CMS is owned by Konecranes, and our focus now is providing Crane Manufacturing & Service parts and modernization solutions for the thousands of CMS cranes still in use. Since CMS tailored its lifting equipment to customized specifications, many replacement components are unique to that design. So parts, service and availability for these designs are our first concern.

CMS Crane Part Inventory

We supply high-quality CMS crane parts that will meet or exceed original specifications, built by skilled craftsmen with years of custom component manufacturing experience.  All designs are built to CMAA, AISE and/or customer specifications. Plus, a full line of original replacement CMS crane parts tooled to our demanding OEM standards are stocked through Crane Pro Parts. 

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